Restart the audio engine.

The option “Restart the audio engine” can fix sound or audio device problems with a single command. Use it, when the audio has stopped (no sound, no meter) or is distorted (crackles).

This can happen:

  • When the audio system configuration is changed (in Windows Control Panel / Sound).
  • When an USB device is unplugged and plugged in again.
  • When another active program is using the same audio device and blocks the use by VOICEMEETER.


Option 1:
Chose “Restart Audio Device” from the main VOICEMEETER Menu.

The command on top of the menu restarts re-connects devices and restarts the audio stream.


Option 2:
“Restart Audio Device” from a desktop icon.

It can be useful to restart the audio engine from a shortcut, for example to re-activate a known USB headset, which is already connected to a VOICEMEETER hardware input and re-plugged to the computer. In this case the Audio Engine has to be restarted.


  1. right click the desktop and chose New / Shortcut. Give the Shortcut a name (e.g. Restart Audio engine”)
  2. Choose the Voicemeeter.exe path and add “-r”
  3. Click “Advanced” and check: “Run as Administrator”.

You can run this command directly from the Windows command line, by entering:
Voicemeeter.exe –r


Option 3:
“Restart Audio Device” from a macro button.

Simply choose the command “Command.Restart = 1” for a Macro Button.