The ultimate audio tool for Windows.

We don’t know how many audio devices you can connect to your computer. We don’t know how many audio applications you are using every day.

But we know that you need an audio mixer to manage everything. That’s why we made the Voicemeeter Series! The Virtual Audio Mixer For Windows.

Comes with One Click Macro Buttons for all important features.

A virtual soundcard. Outperforming real ones.

The VOICEMEETER family works also as a feature-rich Virtual Multi-Channel Soundcard.
VOICEMEETER can be used by all applications as playback and recording device with several inputs and outputs. The programs simply see a multi-channel soundcard. You can freely mix and FX the incoming audio. Send your mix to other hardware or software. Including support of all Windows driver formats. How cool is this?

Improve your listening experience.

Connect all your gear, mix it, record music streams with the integrated reorder and listen on your headphones and speakers. Thanks to the high quality EQ its possible to improve any headphone s ound to your ears.

Stream high quality audio in your home network with VBAN.

Make your Mic sound stand out.

Sound better, sound like a Pro radio operator.
The INTELLIPAN element in every channel is a great sounding 3-Band EQ plus a voice doubler. Change the color of your Microphone voice, make it stronger, lower nasty frequencies and get a pleasing voice for your important conferences. Make your voice more audible. Remove noise. Boost your voice and manage noisy talk with two easy-to-use Audibility knobs. Cut low-level noise with the integrated Gate.

Stream your Audio in your network with VBAN.

VoiceMeeter can send every mixer bus to other PCs and to mobile Android and iOS devices. It simply needs our VBAN-RECEPTOR app for PC, iOS, Android or Apple TV.

VOICEMEETER Standard can send and receive 4 streams, Banana and Potato 8 streams.

Designed for Professionals.

Banana and Potato come with a ton of professional features.

These are the differences in one image.