Use two Headsets at Conferences

Designed for the Age of Home Conferencing:
VOICEMEETER is the app, which let you use two or more headsets at the same time, use integrated voice effects and mixes them with any other hard- and software.

Use Skype, Messenger or Zoom with several microphones and even mix them with other sound sources.

Easy headset setup with Skype

VOICEMEETER makes it possible!

Manage and mix hardware and your conferencing software audio on your headset.

Mix your voice and any computer sound to speakers and headset.

Record all your conferences for your archive

Record every online conference with VOICEMEETER Banana or Potato.

All your audio runs through VOICEMEETER, including Skype, Messenger, Zoom, Twitch, Teams … just record and archive your conversations with a single click on the record button, like on a good old tape recorder.

Record audio as multitrack files (MP3, WAV, AIFF, BWF).

Make your Voice stand out

Sound better, sound like a Pro radio operator.

The INTELLIPAN element in every channel is a great sounding 3-Band EQ plus a voice doubler – in a single 2D Panel!

Change the color of your Microphone voice, make it stronger, lower nasty frequencies and get a pleasing voice for your important conferences.

Make it louder. Protect against overloads.

The “Brickwall” Strip-Limiter in VoiceMeeter Banana + Potato allows you to define a limit for each audio source. This is helpful in a live conferencing context where you want to be sure about your max level, effects, inserts or any other attending voices and protect your ears and speakers.

With the Limiter, you can make your voice much louder without overloading and distorting the sound.

Make your voice more audible. Remove noise.

The inputs include an Audibility control. Boost your voice and manage noisy talk with two easy-to-use knobs. The Compressor can make the input signal dramatically louder and assertive. It simply lowers the dynamic of a signal by “compressing” the wave peaks and increases the gain of the signal afterwards. Voices become more “punchy” in comparison to other signals, making them more audible in the mix.
The Gate “cuts” low-level noise below a given threshold.