Connect audio apps to the VoiceMeeter Insert Driver

Send and receive audio to/from
other programs, like your DAW or
a VST Plugin host.

Up to 22 Channels – directly from WITHIN
VoiceMeeter´s Banana input strips.

Tutorial Video

Watch Video
How to use MT32 to perform a MultiTrack Recording by the Virtual Insert

What is the VoiceMeeter Insert Driver
– and why do I need it?

The Insert Driver is a very unique and powerful feature, provided by a virtual ASIO driver installed with VoiceMeeter.

It allows to insert the audio features of another ASIO app directly into VoiceMeeter´s signal path.

The other audio app could be a DAW, a VST Plugin host or a simple multitrack audio program to record and play content from online conferences.

Send your Mics and other VoiceMeeter inputs to a DAW, record them or apply effects and INSERT them back into VoiceMeeter.

Keep in mind, as you are replacing your input signal (e. g. your Mic), with the audio, which returns from your ASIO audio software via the Insert Driver.

The Insert ASIO driver supports
all VoiceMeeter Input Strips with up to:




Including full Input Strip Selection:

You can choose, which Inputs should be sent & return to/from the other ASIO audio software.

Pre FX or Post FX:

You can choose the point of send and Re-Insert in VoiceMeeter´s Input channels.
(explanation below)

Setup a DAW
with the VoiceMeeter Insert Driver


Select the VoiceMeeter Virtual ASIO Insert Driver in your external Audio application.

In your software audio settings, select the VoiceMeeter Insert Driver as In/Out driver. Now all of Banana´s 22 inputs are sent to this software, Pre- or Post FX.

Keep in mind, that the Insert Driver does not show up in the Windows Audio settings. This is an exclusive, dedicated ASIO driver for other applications.

Example: In the Audio DAW Reaper audio device settings select VoiceMeeter Insert Virtual ASIO as ASIO driver.


Activate Insert Returns in VoiceMeeter´s Patch Setup

The main VoiceMeeter Setup dialog provides the PATCH INSERT section:
Here you need to activate, which input strips of VoiceMeeter should receive audio channels from the external software via the Insert Driver.

If you select the Insert ASIO driver in your DAW, the app is getting the VoiceMeeter input signals automatically, but you need to activate all or some PATCH INSERTS to return audio signals to VoiceMeeter!


The “I” symbol: the Audio Insert Indicator

If a DAW or another ASIO application is connected to return to Voicemeeter via the Virtual Insert driver, a small ‘i’ symbol (=button) appears on top left of each strip to let you see and control, which RETURN is currently activated.

The ‘i’ button is another way to control the PATCH insert, strip by strip instead of channel by channel directly on the VoiceMeeter user interface.

Keep in mind, the activated Insert “i” replaces the VoiceMeeter input with the DAW output. It does not mix with the real input singal, as this is sent and return to/from the DAW.

Example: You will not hear your Microphone, but the DAW output assigned to this channel. So you can send your Mic signal to the DAW, apply effects, like a Compressor on your voice and return this signal back to VoiceMeeter, where you can mix it with other audio.

Pre-FX or Post-FX?

Select, if you want to send and return your audio
BEFORE (PRE) or POST (AFTER) the FX section.

Pre Fader (default setting): This setting means, all audio from VoiceMeeter is coming from the signal path BEFORE the VoiceMeeter fader and mixing process. No VoiceMeeter effects are applied to the signal. This is usually the best solution, as the original, unprocessed audio signal is routed to the external software and can be recorded or processed with VST plugins.