Build your own private InterCom.

Turn your phones into
High-Quality Microphones.

Get it Now!


VBAN-Talkie for iOS iPhone, iPad or iPod-Touch (iOS 7.0 or later) and Android.

The High-Quality Private InterCom.
For your WIFI network.

Build your own InterCom with TALKIE for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Chat like in the good old days with the push of a button. It´s perfectly secure and provides an unmatched quality, thanks to VoiceMeeters uncompressed audio network.

The best wireles sound quality you can get.




The TALK button is your friend!

Just like the real thing on a Walkie Talkie. Plus Mute. Full visual and touch control, when you want to speak.
No sound accidents.

Everybody got one these days.
Why not build a private InterCom with your mobile devices.

Talk and listen to everybody in your InterCom and to all connected applications, connected to VoiceMeeter: Skype, Messenger, Zoom, Discord … you name it.

Today everybody has his phone in reach: you need to call the kids for dinner, give dad in the basement a call, tell grandma upstairs you leave to the mall? No problem, just press the TALK(ie) button and talk. It even works as a silent spy phone.

Thanks to the VB Audio Network it connects to several VoiceMeeter computers.

Endless Possibilities

Simply connect to your VoiceMeeter powered-computer with TALKIE or VBAN RECEPTOR and listen with your phone to a downloaded file – an audio book or a podcast.
Offline from the internet. Uninterrupted. With better sound quality.

Here is your mobile Micro(phone).
Turn your handset into a first class wireless mic.

Missing a wireless Microphone?

Simply use your mobile phone as a high-quality mic.

Connect it to VoiceMeeter with the VBAN-Talkie app for iOS and/or Android devices!

There is no cable, which can break.
You don´t need to sit next to your wired mic. Just take your phone and walk.

A mic with a touch screen.
How cool is this?

Using your phone and TALKIE is getting you a Mic with touch control. Turn it on/off, Mute your audio and control the integrated audio effects with a finger tip.

High Quality Audio.
High Quality voice effects.

Usually audio quality from wireless mics suffer from audio compression and bad audio algorithms. With VBAN Talkie and uncompressed audio transmission, the sound quality is simply great.

It could even get better with mobile headphones and mics, connected to your phone.

VoiceMeter and TALKIE are built for the audio life. The integrated professional effects make your sound a crap ton better. Just check countless VoiceMeeter Youtubers – they will tell the same.



TALKIE is available for iOS and Android.
RECEPTOR is available for Windows, iOS, Apple TV and Android.